Mic Trainer (single)

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The Mic Trainer is an adjustable mic attachment that keeps performers at a consistent distance and angle to the mic. It's the easiest way to learn proper mic technique.

Fits MOST performance mics. Designed specifically for the Shure SM58 style mic. Fits Sennheisers well. Doesn't fit the AKG P5i very well. 

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Customer Reviews

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Joe Schliewe
Close your eyes and sing!

I love this genius product for practice and playing out! So often I sing with my eyes closed or while running around the stage with my guitar in hand. The MicTrainer helps me find that sweet spot on the mic so I can focus on the music.

Cory Pearman
Great tool!

If you’re just starting out as a singer I highly recommend this product. It helps you learn how far from the microphone you should sing so you sound the best you can. Great product for even seasoned vocalists!

Jason Spillman
Very useful

This is a great way for new singers to learn proper mic technique. It’s inobtrusive and very practical and easy to use.

Great for multiple applications

I've found the Mic Trainer to be very innovative and useful in a variety of situations. I do a lot of online teaching, and it has helped me with tactile feedback to keep my mouth in the proper position for optimal sound levels, while focusing on other things, like teaching. It has also helped me in recording bands live. All I have to do is set the levels once, and not worry about the singer moving away or to the side of the capsule, thus altering levels every few seconds. Whether in studio or live, the Mic Trainer is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

Great for Drummers Too

Singing while playing drums is tough, and being the right distance from the mic can be the difference between being heard or not. Mic Trainer was a huge eye opener for me! It was exactly what I needed to help build muscle memory. The best part is that it's discrete enough to use in live applications.

At this price point, there's no reason not to buy this.