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Mic Trainer is an adjustable mic attachment that keeps performers at a consistent distance and angle to the mic. It let's you stay physically connected with the mic without having to put your lips on it. You'll sound better and probably come in contact with fewer germs!

Fits MOST performance mics. Designed specifically for the Shure SM58 style mic. Fits Sennheisers well. Doesn't fit the AKG P5i very well.

INSTRUCTIONS: The “UP” printed on the strap to guide arm connection should point toward the grille. The ridge on the guide arm corresponds with the attachment point to prevent it from rotating. Fully assembled, the arm should be below the microphone and rest between your lower lip and your chin.

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Customer Reviews

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Luke Hardcastle
So cool

Used it in my latest gig at the bar and my distance control with the mic made a huge difference. Much more clarity in my vocals and when I was looking down at my pedals I knew exactly where the mic was still so I didn’t need to bite it!

Mick Adams
Great idea !

I tend to sing with my eyes closed my hands are on my guitar so a boom stand is needed .. this really helps! Thanks

Thomas Miller
Super cool!

Awesome idea, very practical. Great for new singers (and experienced ones with a habit of "eating the mic")

Alan Adelstein
Great Product

Great product! Helps me to control my distance and volume level.

Awesome Product!

The Mic Trainer is awesome for helping you to stay the right distance from the mic consistently! Great product!