• Stop eating the mic.

"It stays on my mic in the practice studio always. It definitely has helped me."

Cory P. - Lead Singer, Funk Band

"I love the Mic Trainer! I've received comments in the past that my vocals were hard to understand. Now that I'm not eating the mic, my lyrics are coming through loud and clear."

Joe S. - Lead Singer, Indie Rock Band

"I use Mic Trainer when teaching online; it always ensures consistent vocal levels, and eliminates the need for re-leveling between sessions. Students can always hear my voice clearly above other instruments. I’m grateful to have it in my arsenal."

Vince C. - Music Educator, Performing and Recording Artist

"I often close my eyes or look at my guitar while I'm playing. This product was perfect for me. It's on my mic for every show and every practice so I'm always in perfect position."

Cedars B. - Solo Acoustic Artist

"I've found this device to be a great tool for vocalists learning how to sing with a mic. It instantly fixes the tendency to 'eat' the mic, and helps them realize that leaving space is crucial for dynamic vocals. It’s adjustable, durable and I highly recommend this product."

Jason S. - Studio musician

How does Mic Trainer work?

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